Versa-Tile Kitchen & Bath is a kitchen and bath remodelling company in Ottawa, Ontario. They asked for our help to improve their social media presence.


👉 Update Website and SEO.

  • Website Audit

After auditing the website of this client we saw that the website had some issues with receiving conversions and the basic on-page conversion was also missing.

  • Website that Works

Then we saw that the information was great but there was too much text and that too not easy to read. 

So, we decided to summarise the information by making the context bigger.

  • Meta Tags

The meta tags titles and description is missing from all pages. 

Then we added meta tag titles and descriptions on all the pages.

  • Conversion Friendly

We updated all the pages, added images and videos where necessary, and added more opt-in forms to make it easy for the user to get in contact with him.

👉 Social Media Management

  • Creating a Social Media Strategy
  • Creating and Posting Quality Content

👉 Facebook Advertising

  • We set up tracking code to identify when goals are met. 
  • We did ROI analysis to understand what is an average deal and the sort of results to report.
  • We created different ad images with before & after renovation examples that our client did.


We have achieved:

People Reach – 6,628

Avg Cost Per Conversion – $12.43

Conversion –  18

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