Carry a tune Studio is a music production and it streams online as well, with this they do offer foremost quality of music composition, mixing and mastering, music video production and editing, Vocal Tuning, minus one track and many more services producing quality music. In the music industry, the utmost important thing is to reach the right audience through online presence. Social media always helps you to find better clients and establish yourself in the market of this industry, and Carry A Tune Studio’s SMO objectives inclined with these.

Client Requirements & Objectives: 

The goal is to find the right audience so that we can convert them into potential customers and also generate effective leads for their online music production sudio’s presence in the industry. With an effective conversion, Carry A Tune also wants their video titles and samples so that they can reach the desired audience and let them find out about the studio’s services.

What we did?

Here in this part, we are going to show the results in pictures that we did for Carry A Tune Studio.

  • Insights : Total Page Likes 807
  • Insights : Demographic 76% Men
  • Insights : Paid Post Reach
  • Page Insights Posts : 807

The Result:

As a result, we just optimised the social media presence of Carry A Tune studio that enhances the watch hours, interactive content(both audio and video), and helps in increasing the number of subscribers on YouTube. On the other side of YouTube, we provided SMO needs by creating their presence on several social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook etc. By putting consistent efforts on both Instagram and Facebook their followers and engagement increased and the reach has been growing constantly. 

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