Vault designs is basically a wallet brand that offers high quality vaults. It also provides protection like RFID, along with it they provide an optimal card holder. They are basically from the UAE, but provide their services across the world.They are focusing on the creation of informative posts and graphics for their users and potential customers so that they can understand the quality of their product. In the beginning their Major concern was brand visibility and presence, along with it they were also concerned about a target audience which in turn enhanced their sales and conversions.

Client Requirements & Objectives

As the marketing and advertising industry grows on social media these days, the client wanted to increase their brand’s presence on the social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Their primary goal was to expand their customer base and communicate with their customers and clients, also they want to monitor their product feedback and reactions on social media. Their main goal was to boost the conversions, sales and revenue while building a strong reputation in the market.

What we did?

  • Page Insights: Total Views
  • Insights: Total Views
  • Insights: People who viewed 
  • Insights: Paid Post Reach

The Results: 

So, with an active presence on various social media platforms, we helped them to gain more followers, more engaging posts and features. This presence utilising various relevant informative graphics and video content along with interactive content and captions, their reach increased multiple folds and their brand became more prominent in the market and among the customers. We have helped them gain conversions through these platforms in direct sales. Utilising several social media advertising strategies, we optimised their presence while keeping the brands’ pages engaging.

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