Geo Honey is basically a brand that delivers a pure raw honey. They have the SMO plans and those plans helped them to grow the online presence of clients and also they supported them in increasing sales and improving profits. They also helped them in creating awareness of the brand by looking into more opportunities in the market.  It also helped in increasing their interaction with the customers and made them establish themselves as the authentic honey brand across the globe.

Client Requirements & Objectives

Being a global brand, they just want the presence of international social media so that they can create a brand identity and presence. They require interactive social media accounts so that they can communicate about the services and the products of their brand to the customers or client. Keeping this in mind, their social media growth was supposed to convert into productive sales and potential customer base enhancement.

What we did?

  • Insights: Page likes 7,634
  • Insights: Demographic 67% Men
  • Insights : Post Reach Paid
  • Insights : Page Views 40%

The Result:

So we helped them in growing their brand awareness on LinkedIn, Instagram, Youtube and on Facebook. Finally we have created a monetized parameter for their YouTube channel to increase their visitors as well as their watch hours. We also helped them with the interactive graphics on LinkedIn and on Instagram for the reach and visibility. Geo Honey is a global brand and the content for all the SMO strategies has to be different according to the international standards. 

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