Enhanced lead quality across 50+ locations.


Smile Design provides comprehensive dental services—from cosmetic dentistry to routine checkups—across more than fifty locations. 


  • Inflated marketing spend with stagnant ROI
  • A high volume of low-quality leads
  • Capacity issues for new patients
  • Underdeveloped tracking and analytics infrastructure


  • Reduce customer acquisition cost (CAC) for paid search
  • Increase patient volume while keeping spend stable
  • Improve lead gen, cost per lead, and new patient bookings across locations

The Problem:

  • Smile Dentistry aims for a marketing partnership to boost digital performance, efficiently targeting a budget across 50+ locations through expert agency engagement and a well-organised strategy.
  • Successful implementation of a simplified PPC and paid social media campaign strategy, backed by proper analytics, resulted in high-quality leads, maintaining or reducing the budget.
  • Achieved success by optimising paid advertising programs for cost-effectiveness while generating valuable leads.


Part One: An Efficient Multi-Location PPC Strategy

  • Executed objectives:
  • Segment keywords by funnel stage for tailored information delivery.
  • Ensure consistency between pre-click and post-click experiences.
  • Optimise for return on ad spend (ROAS) and revenue, not just CPA and conversions.
  • Segment match types to funnel traffic into the most relevant and cost-effective areas.

Part Two:  A Full-Funnel Approach to Social Media

  • Objectives:
  • Establish a flexible structure for the algorithm.
  • Adopt a full-funnel approach to nurture and build quality first-party audiences.
  • Utilise video storytelling for comprehensive engagement.
  • Implement a multi-touch attribution model for optimal Facebook funnel placement.
  • Employ value-based conversion actions to enhance algorithm precision.


Significant Improvements in Call Duration, CVR, CPC, and CPA

  • 20% increase in PPC conversion rate.
  • 30% decrease in cost per call.
  • Better lead quality from social media.

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