Acupuncture Clinic Got 20+ New Leads Per Month Through Google Ads


A health care centre is an Acupuncture clinic in California. They wanted an expert to optimise and manage their Google Ads accounts. In 2016, the Health Center faced challenges as 90% of patients came from limited sources, and reduced insurance coverage led to financial strain.

What we did?

We started running Google Ads and within 2 months the clinic was buzzing with people. 

And in the next few months, he was able to:

  • Change to cash-only
  • Raise his fees
  • Double his income
  • Take Saturdays off, and take longer vacations.


Their Google Ads account generates around 20 leads per month consistently and efficiently.
With a $384 monthly spend, they generated 26 new leads, although this low cost is an outlier—manage expectations for the campaigns.

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