1000% Increase in Appointments


There is a Doctor who wants to increase brand awareness, provide useful medical information about their area of expertise, and increase conversions and rankings for their site. 


  • Creating relevant articles that quickly capture the interest of individuals experiencing various symptoms.
  • Enriching the website with timeless articles relevant to their field, ensuring sustained value for visitors.
  • Staying abreast of industry trends and promptly generating content to align with the current demands and interests of the audience, spanning topics like allergy seasons, temperatures, back-to-school, smoke inhalation from fires, and more.
  • Continuously refreshing high-performing content to uphold rankings and ensure its relevance with the latest information.


  • The goal conversion rate increased by 670% and goal completion increased by 834%.
  • Also, there is an increase of 102% for keywords in the #1 position. 129% increase in the keywords for the front page.
  • People requesting appointments increased by 1052% with 35 featured snippets, and 120 People also asked for links.

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