How We Reduced the Cost Per Lead from $400 to $160 for Real Estate Agency

How We Reduced the Cost Per Lead from $400 to $160 for Real Estate Agency

This is an Arizona-based real estate company. Targeting only Arizona.

This company is basically dealing into Buying dump houses.

We started Working on this project on the first week of Jan, 2021

What We Analysed:

  1. Wrong keyword selection with the wrong approach.
  2. Ad copies were very basic and no proper CTA
  3. Actually, the client was managing it himself and he was not well informed about how things work. 
  4. All keywords were in just 1 ad group. 
  5. No proper landing page.
  6. Display network selected with the campaign.
  7. We analyzed that they were getting click fraud. 

Results of Jan 2020 to Dec 2020, 12 months time period

  • Clicks: 1,429
  • Spend: $81,232
  • Impressions: 2,56,486
  • CTR: 0.56%
  • Average CPC: $56.84
  • Conversions: 104 Leads
  • Cost Conversion: $390
  • Conversion Rate: 7.28%
  • Phone Calls: 26
  • Overall Conversions: 130
  • Overall Conversion Rate: 9.10%

What Changes We Made:

  • We have a good experience with the real estate market and we almost know what keyword will work best for the business according to the user behavior.
  • We created new ad copies with better CTA and offers after a detailed call with the client.
  • We created 4 new landing pages for this business using Unbounce for A/b Testing.
  • Age selection on the basis of the right audience.
  • Selected the right audience at the right time with ad scheduling.
  • Installed click fraud software ClickCease to avoid competitors’ clicks.

Our Results

  • Clicks: 3,572
  • Spend: $65,125
  • Impressions: 25,826
  • CTR: 13.83%
  • Average CPC: $18.23
  • Conversions: 548 Leads
  • Cost Conversion: $118
  • Conversion Rate: 15.34%
  • Phone Calls: 145
  • Overall Conversions: 946
  • Overall Conversion Rate: 19.40%


1) Real estate market is one of the biggest competitive markets.
2) Competitors try to click on your ads to exhaust your daily budget so we installed click fraud software to avoid it.
3) Time scheduling is important
4) Right age group is important
5) Landing page is a game-changer in the real estate business.

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