B2B SAAS Solution Case Study – How We Reduced The CPA from $2000 to $177

B2B SAAS Solution Case Study – How We Reduced The CPA from $2000 to $177

This case study is about a B2B SAAS based product, a Mass Notification tool for targeting specific regions of the United States. We had our first meeting with the HR of the company on an online platform and they were very impressed with my success stories. The whole process took almost 20 days. 

After HR, we had a couple of calls with the Marketing Director of the organization in Feb 2021. They were in contact with 8 PPC companies in the race and we were selected as the final marketing agency. We were supposed to work on PPC Majorly and SEO on the secondary level. 

Problems We Found:After the analysis of the paid campaign and Website, we found the following things:

  1. They were targeting the whole USA, which was not fine. 
  2. They were using broad match keywords, Disaster.
  3. Wrong selection of keywords.
  4. Wrong selection on location.
  5. Wrong selection of age group
  6. Wrong landing page selection
  7. No conversion tag optimization.
  8. Unrealistic ad copies
  9. No proper CTA Optimization
  10. No one to monitor the campaign after it was live

Before We Started:
Stats (1 Dec 2019 to 28 Feb 2021, 15 Months)
Clicks: 41,235
Conversions: 365
CPC: $17.73
Budget Spend: $7,31,235
CTR: 1.03%
Conversion Rate:0.86%
Cost Per Acquisition: $2,061

After We Started:
Stats(1st April 2021 to 31st Dec, 9 Months)
Clicks: 75,235
Conversions: 4,125
CPC: $9.73
Budget Spend: $7,32,255
CTR: 6.39%
Conversion Rate:5.48%
Cost Per Acquisition: $177.55

What Challenges We Had:
1) B2B and B2C, both types of audiences were using the same keywords. One of the biggest challenges was to remove the B2C Queries from our campaigns to avoid useless clicks. 
2) Landing pages were structured on another website, They were not able to record the leads properly.
3) They were using Pardot as lead capturing software. Yes, part of salesforce.
4) They were creating very basic landing pages using Pardot and no proper tracking was there due to no proper linking and optimization. 
5) No UTM Mapping to track the lead source. 

What We Did To Make This Massive Improvement:

  1. Keywords are important, we removed all the useless keywords.
  2. We discovered new and useful keywords using market research, user behavior, and our paid tools.
  3. We created new landing pages using Pardot, but this time with better designs and better landing page copy. 
  4. UTM Parameters fixed and campaigns mapped with salesforce and pardot. 
  5. Conversion code fixed using Google Tag Manager. 
  6. Created proper campaigns, and ad groups on the basis of theme and requirements to improve the quality score + relevance between keywords, landing page, and ad copies. 
  7. A/B testing with 5-6 different sets of landing pages. 
  8. We upgraded the basic meeting scheduler to Chilipiper
  9. We also added RingDNA to track our calls and appointments. And they were being recorded to check the quality of leads.
  10.  Retargeting campaigns created. 

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