Having a service based website, the client demanded generation of better potential leads and got increased regular yet relevant traffic. They wanted us to:

  • Choose Relevant Keywords And Target Them To Enhance The Desired Traffic.
  • Bring Suitable Traffic To The Website.
  • Increase Relevant Leads And Reduce The Cost Of Conversions.

What we did?

  • We performed extensive keyword research and retargeted keywords with higher traffic and search volumes delivering authentic leads.
  • We edited and created custom campaign strategies with relevant keywords to bring more traffic which in turn converted to a better ROI generation for the company.
  • The display campaigns were designed creatively in order to grasp the audience and generate overall growing yet consistent results.

The Result

So we have got a challenge to increase potential leads & decrease CPC (click per cost ) . We created a Search campaign & display campaign to improve the leads and customer support. These campaigns precisely targeted keywords. Our optimised campaigns with interactive graphics and marketing tactics worked great to improve their revenue by converting the leads.

  • 20% More Conversions
  • 30 Increased Leads

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