Increased leads by 2744% in 45 days


Background Theme music is one of the largest music schools with a view to provide the best quality music learning with experts across 5 states in India. They want to increase the nu

mber of leads their ads were generating. 


The challenges we faced while working on this project,

  • Despite targeting a highly competitive market, the available budget was really low ($3500).
  • We had to make improvements to the campaign without increasing their ad budget to build initial trust that paid Acquisition is the right channel for them,

The Strategies:

  • Based on an analysis, we create new campaigns and ads.
  • Perform on the current data, take advantage of new formats and build the campaign from scratch.
  • Identified a great gap in the market to fill.
  • Provided a combination of course + musical instruments

Results when they are managing ads on their own:

Results when I took the project to give them better results in less than 45 days

Within the first 45 days of setting everything from scratch, 

  • The number of conversions increased from 9 leads to 256 leads
  • 50 % less than the previous cost per acquisition and less CPC


  • Order value of Course — 500 $/ 3month course
  • Upsell value — Keyboard [400 $]
  • Conversion % from leads to sales Qualified -44 % approx which was previously 0.62%.
  • Increase in leads by -2744 %
  • Lead count increase from 9 to 256.

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