HVAC Company Sees 1,214% ROAS 

Overview and Problem:

A well-known heating and cooling company aimed to increase customer acquisition through its website, complementing organic traffic and leads. However, they are lacking expertise in Google AdWords and time for campaign management. But they don’t have enough time to manage their own campaigns. So they came to us for help.


We set up and tested a Google AdWords PPC campaign for the company starting in January 2021. 

  • Leveraged local paid search expertise for immediate positive returns.
  • Utilised highly-specific ad text and keywords for city-by-city targeting.
  • Incorporated call tracking and tagging data for accurate revenue attribution.
  • Employed data insights to optimise performance.
  • Determined campaign success through strategic analysis.


While many companies rely on standard paid search metrics like cost per click, cost per lead, click-thru rate, and conversion rate to assess PPC success, we go beyond by meticulously tracking success down to the revenue level.

  • The company generated $148,670 in revenue from the Google AdWords PPC Campaigns.
  • A return on ad spend of 1,214%

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