Got 17 leads from PPC in 2 months


A Law firm focused on car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, and bicycle accidents. They approached us for keyword strategy and for landing page development.


Low quality traffic
Wrong Keywords Focus

Missing landing page

Questionable search volume


  • Audience targeting: Used phrases that match the keywords to better target their audience.
  • Keywords Optimization: Removed the non-performing keywords. Sorted the rest by priority and efficiency.
  • Landing Page:  Created dedicated landing pages for the paid search traffic. 
  • Keywords Strategy: Created a list of keywords on different monthly budgets and forecasted their conversation.


  • +1053.33% jump in CTR

    We went from 1.5% to 16% CTR. That’s a jump of 1053.33%

  • +5.61 increase in conversion rate

    Our conversion rate went from 0 to 5.61%

  • +17 Lead increase

     We generated 17 conversions (leads)

  • $400 CPL

    Further the our cost per lead (CPL) stands at an impressive $400

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