Double the Revenue In One Year


This is a case study about how the criminal defence law practice doubled the monthly revenue from a year ago. Below are the improvements shown in that time period. The first one shows initial keywords and rankings when we started working with them at the end of August of 2019.


In the starting of the criminal defence law firm, we observed a total of 751 visitors, of which 390 originated from organic traffic.

After 8 months with a modest SEO budget traffic had increased to 973 total visitors with 616 coming from organic traffic.

Here we can see that the overall traffic had increased to over 1,100 overall visitors with 869 coming from organic traffic.



We created more robust strategy over four months, which involved increased budgets for content, on-page optimization, link building, and social media, we achieved significant results. In the final month, overall traffic soared to 2,937 visitors, with 2,011 sourced from organic traffic



  • 58% increase in organic traffic after first 6 months
  • 123% increase in organic traffic after first 12 months
  • An additional 131% increase after 4 months of upgraded link building/content marketing campaign
  • 192% increase in calls from organic traffic pre-SEO vs. current time.
  • Google Ads Conversion rate increased from 3.2% (click to call) before we took over to 24.8% conversion rate.  The client increased their monthly AdWords spend twice during this time and is now generating over 150 calls/month (110-130/month unique) just from Google AdWords.

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