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DA and Traffic Improve Post Domain Migration


A fitness brand that provides a fitness experience to customers through online and offline channels. They deal with workouts, mental wellness, healthcare, nutrition and medical care. 


They want to bring all their fitness products under one brand name and reach out to more users. 


  • Estimate domain authority recovery timeline and expectations.
  • Reduced visibility on the SERPs.
  • The loss of traffic.


  • Moving to the New Domain
  • Planning for the Type of Website Migration
  • Migration Plan
  • Initiating the Move with a Site Migration Plan
  • Avoiding Pitfalls & Identifying Errors
  • Validating the Migration Progress
  • Monitoring Performance


  • The fitness center’s DA restored from 8 to 45
  • Increased ranking keywords to 1,837 from 1,346 pre-migration
  • Witnessed growth of 16.37% in organic search traffic.

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