328.71% Boost in Organic Leads 


A man named Matt Fuller created a Comprehensive Apartment Program (CAP) and later it is known as Fuller Insurance. They had a website but it was not generating the expected traffic and leads. They approached us to drive consistent organic traffic and quality leads to their website.


After conducting a comprehensive SEO audit of their website and uncovered multiple issues. We come up with the following conclusion: 

👉 Low-quality traffic

👉 Keyword Optimization issues

👉 Goals and objectives

👉 Poor user experience

The Solution: 

✅ On-site fixes

✅ UX/UI fixes

✅ Conversion optimization

✅ Content marketing


🚀 Increase in conversions from the website i.e +328.71%

🚀 Increase in total no. of calls i.e +230.69%

🚀 Traffic increase on the website i.e +19.49%

🚀 Increase in new users i.e +16.41%

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