👉 They had a very healthy budget of around 5k per month.

👉 The jewellery store sets a budget of $200 which got wasted easily in a few clicks also their Cost per Click was extremely high.
👉 Also their homepage was not optimised for paid traffic. 


Strategies we used: 

👉 We manual created a bidding strategy in order to have full control of what we are paying per click.

👉Than we created a high-converting landing pages that had focused call-to-action buttons, video testimonials from happy customers

👉 Than we built the negative keyword list to increase the quality of their paid traffic.

👉 Then we retargeted Display ads campaign that showed their ads to their previous website visitors who already showed some interest in their brand but didn’t convert.

Our Achievements in 12 months:
1. Amount Spent: $72.8K
2. Number Of Visitors: $88.3K

3. Average Sale Value: $2500

4. Total Conversions: 909

5. Total Sale value: $22,72,500

6. ROI: 31,115%


🚀 So as a result In the first 60 days, I was able to increase their volume of leads by 600% 🚀

🚀🚀Also, it helps to reduce the cost per lead by 70%.  🚀🚀

🚀🚀 Now, their account is pulling about an average of 100 high-quality calls a month at a CPL of $80. 🚀🚀 

This case study shows the power of data-driven jewellery Marketer who want to  target locals within a 50-mile radius of their business location.

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