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Sweet Violet Beauty Salon offers various quality services at affordable prices, offering “Home Services” for massages, manicure, pedicure, hair and beauty treatments. The website is designed and built by us apart from the SEO. We tried to implement all the technical SEO optimization during the development phase and then focused on both on-page and off-page SEO after that to deliver the best results they have today.

Client’s Requirements

The client had a physical outlet and demanded an excellent online presence to knock off the competition and gain the market hold. With our competition analysis and market research, they deduced competitive pricing structure to gain identity. Further, they wanted brand presence and customer reach within their targeted regions in Dubai. The expansion in customer base and number of visitors apart from getting digital presence was their major objective through SEO.

What we did?

  • We assessed their site completely to analyse the page structure, content, and formatting used. The site was enhanced as per the analysis and audit done.
  • Focusing on the beauty industry, we targeted specific demographic audiences and helped them enhance their visibility to quality traffic
  • SEO audit is one of the major parts we implement before applying any SEO strategies. We did the audits and identified their potential customer base and profitable market to save cost.

The Results

We rebuild our SEO strategy by tailoring it to our client’s specific service areas. This approach boosted their online presence and traffic in targeted regions. We also analysed competitors and optimised keywords, delivering exceptional results in just 6 months. Our efficient appointment scheduling system improved customer satisfaction and brand reliability. This SEO effort increased visitor traffic, enhanced conversion rates, and secured a top ranking on

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